Dynamic configuration

Case study

Microsoft SQL
Entity framework

Team members:

  • Vojtech Rysanek
  • Ondrej Pulicek
  • Martin Paulicek
  • Miroslav Bodecek
  • Petr Hubacek
  • Mikulas Hayek
  • Frantisek Bachan

Business Situation

Our client needed platform for managing settings of various applications across the whole company. Every operation needs to be audited and rights management needs to be also in place. It should be also possible to store settings in batches so they will be applied at the same time. More people might be needed to review the settings before it gets applied.


We designed application as ASP.NET MVC, with Entity framework to have application ready as soon as possible. We developed an API backend using T-SQL stored procedures for the consumption of configuration data and metadata by other services. This API was optimized for high levels of throughput while offering real time data.


The application is now used throughout the company and currently holds over 76 000 individual settings and is managing settings for 100+ products and services. Our API handles 3-4k requests per minute, a number which is expected to double during the year 2020. We also provided training for various teams in the company and offered technical support for our in-company users, once the project reached maturity stage.